Schalmont’s own Sports Feuzion giving ESPN a run for their money

Schalmont — Alex Feuz’s Sports Feuzion has transformed from a mecca for Schalmont athletics to a destination for BIG time sports broadcasters.

Feuz, who just finished his sophomore year at Schalmont High School, first started his internet wonder in the summer of 2014 inspired by the Michael Kay Show on the YES Network. It should come as no surprise then, that Feuz is a New York Yankees superfan.

Given his love for the Bronx Bombers, Feuz dreams of being a broadcaster for his beloved Yankees.  His dreams aren’t limited to that though, he would be thrilled to work for any team.

With college just a few years away, Alex is 110% sure he will pursue a degree in some form of broadcasting or sports, but isn’t entirely sure where he wishes to study.

Feuz, who has a massive following on social media, calls his fans #FeuzNation and even sells tee shirts promoting his show.

What started out as a 5 to 10 minute rambling about the day’s biggest headlines in sports has quickly turned into a forum for major interviews.

Feuz has had sports media legends such as Ken Rosenthal, and recently ESPN’s very own Peter Burns. He has even had the pleasure(?) of hosting yours truly on his program.

You can see every show via Alex’s YouTube channel, as well as his Soundcloud and iTunes accounts.

Outside of the studio, you’ll likely find Alex at just about every Schalmont High School sporting event, as he is the unofficial official stat man for the school.

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  1. “None of us ever experienced anything like that, but we came together after that,” Schalmont senior star Chris Hamilton said. “We said nothing would happen like that again and we needed to improve.”


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